My Background

I grew up on the rural Eastern End of Long Island. I had good values, ethics, personal accountability and a sense of right and wrong instilled in me at a very early age. I carry those values with me today. I was a successful small business owner both in NY and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I know what it’s like to work really hard and for long hours just to keep a roof over my head and to put food on the table. I have experience assembling and managing teams of individuals that can successfully accomplish goals. Strength is in numbers. I want to help Vermonters do their very best to be able to thrive as well. And by thrive, I mean much more than being able to make ends meet financially. For all of us to succeed this also must include providing a safe place for children to learn, for everyone (both young and old) to feel safe walking to their car or down Main Street. It also means that small business owners shouldn’t have to live with the constant fear of being robbed or assaulted. And this must also include being able to feel safe in your own homes. In my spare time I enjoy long walks in the woods with my dog, hunting and providing, cooking with my wife (and eating), a good campfire and spending time with friends. Simple things. I live in Corinth with my dog, wife, mother-in-law and two horses.

I am Mike Tagliavia for Attorney General, and I ...

Stand for the National Anthem
Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
Am a Constitutional and fiscal conservative
Am a Second Amendment supporter
Am a Right to Life supporter
Am an honest man who wants to do good things for all Vermonters
Am NOT a career politician
Am someone who believes in personal accountability & consequences for bad choices

My Platform

Public Safety

There needs to be real consequences for people's bad, illegal choices and our bail system needs to be restructured. A revolving door policy does not work.  


Our police need the proper support, training, and funding to do the job they are sworn to do. They need to know that their efforts are not in vain.  We, as a community, need to have their back.

Drug Crisis

The drug crisis in Vermont is a major problem that filters down and negatively effects so many facets of our daily lives.  We need to change this awful trend, not encourage it. 

Rule of Law

I believe all people are created equal, both under God and the Law, and they need to be treated as such.  This includes the unborn.  

Voter Integrity

It should be easy to vote in Vermont but difficult to cheat. Voter ID is one safeguard that is necessary.   


P O BOX 471
Corinth, VT, 05039, US

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